Potential of mobile social networks as assistive technology: a case study in supported employment for people with severe mental illness

Authors: Zanis, D. A., Coviello, D., Alterman, A. I., & Appling, S. E.
Year Published 2008
Publication 10th international ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers and accessibility
Pages 239-240
Publisher ACM Digital Library

Mobile social network services are being used to help individuals with mental illness travel to and from work and other places in the community. This prototype system may reduce the amount of time a job coach spends teaching a person a route to and from work and help reduce worries related to safe travel.


This paper offers a case report about using the prototype.


The setting for this study is not described.


The case study describes a woman with an intellectual disability and epilepsy.

Data Collection

Field observations revealed none of the participants got lost. A number of scenarios were set up to test the advance functions of the system. An evaluation also took place. The information gained was used to convince job coaches to participate in upcoming trials and give feedback about how to improve the design.


There was no control or comparison conditions.


The system takes both location and time into account. This makes it more useful to the end-user and caregivers.


Some individuals forget how to travel to work. Mobile social networks can help.

URL http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1414517
Disabilities Emotional disturbance
Populations Asian | Female
Outcomes Other
Research Design Case reports, Observational
Peer Reviewed No