Providing effective early intervention vocational rehabilitation at the community level

Authors: Allaire, S. J., Niu, J., Zhu, Y., & Brett, B.
Year Published 2011
Publication Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
Volume 54
Number 3
Pages 154-163
Publisher Hammill Institute on Disabilities
Background The National Council on Disability noted that the number of persons with disabilities in the United States is increasing and that this is because our population is aging, and rates of disability increase with age.
Purpose The purpose of this study was to evaluate the translation of positive research findings about a job retention intervention for persons with chronic illnesses to rehabilitation practice.
Setting The setting was various rehabilitation counseling agencies.
Sample The study sample included 57 individuals with chronic illness.
Data Collection Data was collected by telephone within two weeks of the last meeting with the counselor and again at 6 months.
Control There was no control or comparison condition.
Findings Follow-up data indicated that the interventions should be more individualized.  Short term outcomes evaluated in this study showed that consumer participants experienced significant improvement in awareness and confidence in ability to manage health related work problems and took actions recommended by the counselors.
Conclusions The results indicate that job retention interventions can be effective when carried out in practice at the community level.
Populations Female | Male
Outcomes Other
NIDILRR Funded Yes
Research Design Quasi-experimental
Peer Reviewed Yes