State rehabilitation services tailored to employment status among cancer survivors

Authors: Cimera, R. E.
Year Published 2014
Publication Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
Volume 24
Number 1
Pages 89-99
Publisher Springer Science + Business Media New York

Studies have shown that certain vocational rehabilitation services are associated with return to work for unemployed patients with cancer. These include: counseling and guidance, job search assistance, and job placement. Patients who have a job return to post disability may require different interventions to assist them with return to work.


The purpose of this study was to determine whether differences in the types of services were based on the employment status of those with a history of cancer at the time of application.


This study included individuals with cancer served by multiple vocational rehabilitation agencies in various settings.


Data on 1,460 people who had cancer were extracted from the Rehabilitation Services Administration Case Service Report.

Data Collection

Data on demographics and vocational services were analyzed. Multiple discriminant analysis was used to identify different services used by cancer survivors who were unemployed and those who were employed.


There was no control or comparison condition.


Vocational rehabilitation service plans can be individualized to meet the employment status and needs of cancer survivors.


Cancer survivors have the potential to return to work. Services received by cancer survivors who were unemployed and those who were at risk of losing their job received different services from state vocational rehabilitation services. This suggests that services were tailored to meet individual client needs. Vocational rehabilitation services are a resource to assist cancer survivors with employment.

Populations Hispanic or Latino | Asian | Black / African American | Native Hawaiian / other Pacific Islander | Male & Female
Outcomes Employment acquisition | Return to work
NIDILRR Funded Not Reported
Research Design Observational
Peer Reviewed Yes