KTER Center Scoping Reviews

About the series:

The KTER Center recently developed two scoping reviews related to pre-employment transition services for students with disabilities, and job-related social communication skills of adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The research these reviews identified can inform vocational rehabilitation (VR) services to help clients succeed in getting jobs and keeping them. Tune in to these short, on-demand webcasts to hear the scoping reviews’ findings, methods, and implications for practice.

Webcast: Moving From a Dissemination Plan to Articulated Description: the Knowledge Translation Planning Template Companion Tool

About the webcast: Success in research funding and research more generally is often realized through the effective dissemination of research findings to the appropriate audiences in order that they may benefit in some way. The Knowledge Translation Planning Template(c) was developed to support the planning process, but users may struggle with articulating their KT (dissemination) plan within the research proposal. The KT Planning Template Companion Tool was developed to guide this process.

Webcast: Tools for Assessing Individualized Risk for Unintentional Injuries Among Those With Spinal Cord Injury

About the Webcast: Many resources for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) offer general information and suggestions designed to be helpful to anyone with SCI. But what if someone wants to find out something specific to his or her situation? In this webcast, Drs. Cao and Li demonstrate calculators that predict unintentional injury among those who have SCI. These tools allow people with SCI to predict their individual risk for unintentional injuries based on their demographic information, level of SCI, and behaviors like alcohol and drug use.

Webcast: How can Social Media be Useful to You?: (Or is Your Learning Network Fit for Purpose?)

About the Webcast: Social media and collaborative learning networks can be used to increase researchers’ connections, and the applicability and scalability of our work. Dr. Roland wrote an article Social Media, Health Policy, and Knowledge Translation, on the barriers and facilitators of using social media as a KT strategy.

Webcast: The Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment Project

About the Webcast: Research into employment outcomes for the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program is critical to assessing participant impact. While VR employment research is essential to documenting any employment outcomes, turning the research data into information that is used by a variety of stakeholders is equally important. This webinar will focus on the NIDILRR-funded Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment (VR ROI) research project to develop a methodologically rigorous model to determine the employment impacts and return on investment for the VR Program.

KTER Center’s 2019 State of the Science Conference on Employment Research

KTER Center staff and invited guests participated in KTER’s 2019 State of the Science (SoS) Conference on Employment Research on September 5-6, 2019 in Portland, Maine, in conjunction with the 12th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence. The SoS was a special track of presentations organized by the KTER Center that focused on the knowledge translation of research on improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.