KTER Center’s 2019 State of the Science Conference on Employment Research

KTER Center’s 2019 State of the Science Conference on Employment Research
Events | 2019-10-04

KTER Center staff and invited guests participated in KTER’s 2019 State of the Science (SoS) Conference on Employment Research on September 5-6, 2019 in Portland, ME. The SoS was a special track embedded in the 12th Annual Summit Conference 2019. The Summit Conference is a collaborative effort that focuses on improving performance management and quality assurance in vocational rehabilitation. All Summit Conference participants were welcomed to participate in KTER State-of-the-Science presentations.

KTER State of the Science Agenda: peqatac.org/summit-conference/kter

Highlights included a keynote luncheon presentation by Dr. Maureen Dobbins, McMaster University, on knowledge brokering. Participants also heard about the latest findings from the KTER Center’s own studies from staff members Kathleen Murphy (KTER Center principal investigator) and Melissa Scardaville (KTER Center researcher), with KTER 2019 summer intern Amber Brown (doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University). Presentations focused on not only promoting the use of research in VR contexts to improve the employment outcomes of adults with autism and transition-age youth with disabilities, but also supporting VR outreach to businesses.

Ann Williams Outlaw (Center on KTDRR Dissemination and Utilization Lead) led a workshop on the Knowledge to Action (KTA) framework (Graham et al., 2006) that allowed participants to practice applying this framework to developing KT activities appropriate for the VR context. In addition, other NIDILRR-funded projects shared their cutting-edge research on employment outcomes for people with disabilities. The KTER Center extends special thanks to grantee presenters Teresa Grossi (Indiana University); Rick Sizemore, Bob Schmidt, Joe Ashley, Kirsten Rowe, and Rob Froehlich (Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment Project); Sarah Boege (University of New Hampshire); and Wendy Strobel-Gower (Cornell University).

Coming Soon!

The SoS sessions were recorded and the archive will be available soon, with captioned audio/video files, accessible 508-compliant presentation materials, and transcripts.