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Toolbox | 2019-07-08
The Knowledge Translation Toolbox includes tools and articles for developing knowledge translation (KT) plans, stakeholder engagement and networking, effective KT strategies, evidence production, and KT activity measurement instruments. The toolkit includes the sections: Overview KT...
Non-KTER Products | 2017-07-31
From October 2008 through September 2013, the NIDILRR funded project, Vocational Rehabilitation Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders housed at SEDL, worked to improve employment outcomes for people with autism spectrum disorders by conducting research and disseminating...
TOPICS: Autism | Employment
Effectiveness of Adult Employment Assistance Services for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Non-KTER Products | 2012-09-03
This review was vetted through the Education Coordinating Group of The Campbell Collaboration, Disability Subgroup. The title, protocol, and completed review can be downloaded from The Campbell Library
TOPICS: Autism | Employment