About the Employment Research Database

This database brings together research articles on employment outcomes for people with disabilities. This page gives users an overview of the features of the database, describes the inclusion criteria, and provides a place for users to submit a resource for consideration for inclusion. The Employment Research Database is a service of AIR's Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER) Center.

Visit the database: https://kter.org/search-employment-research


Database Features

  • Articles are displayed alphabetically beginning with the first author's last name. 
  • Users can search the database by entering a keyword in the full text search field at the top of the database and pressing "apply" or pressing enter. This search field finds any records with the matching word(s) in the record.
  • Additionally, users are able to filter their search, using the drop down menus on the left, based on several criteria including:
    • disability type,
    • populations,
    • employment characteristics or outcomes measured,
    • research design,
    • year published,
    • peer reviewed journals,
    • or NIDILRR funded research.
  • If multiple checkboxes are used within the same field, the results will display all available record meeting any of the criteria. However, if users filter using two fields simultaneously (for example, population and disability type) the results will be filtered to show only those records that meet both criteria at the same time. 
  • Once the search is complete, users may click on the linked title of the record they wish to view. This will display the full record and all of the details of the article including a link to the full text article when available. 


Inclusion Criteria

The database serves as a resource of available articles that describe relevant employment outcomes that could be applied in disability and rehabilitation settings. To be included, articles must have been published in 1998 or later and exclude items that are not relevant to disability and/or rehabilitation research.

Starting in 2018, the database will focus primarily on adding research studies that report on interventions with demonstrated effective employment outcomes as well as NIDILRR grantee work in this area. 


Submit a Resource

To submit an article for consideration, complete the online submission form or contact kter@air.org.