KT Strategies

KT strategies include interventions and processes to translate, disseminate, and use evidence-based research.


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  • KT Strategies Database—The database contains a searchable index created by TDRR containing roughly 200 different resources. Available items include everything from seminal and relevant KT research studies to specific tools, templates, checklists, models, and evaluation instruments that can be incorporated into KT planning and implementation. Various search criteria allow users to screen resources by type of item, KT strategy, and target stakeholder group. https://ktdrr.org/ktstrategies/

  • Plain Language Guidelines—The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) has developed guidelines for writing and testing in plain language, including the principles of plain language writing, how to identify and write to an audience, and how to test readability. https://msktc.org/lib/docs/KT_Toolkit/MSKTC_Plain_Lang_Tool_508.pdf

  • Presenting Data Using Infographics—MSKTC also provides a tool designed to aid researchers in presenting data using infographics to various audiences. The tool includes a variety of examples of infographics to demonstrate different methods of visually representing data and capturing an audience’s attention. https://msktc.org/sites/default/files/MSKTC_KT_Tool_Infographics_508_0.pdf